Sammy's Day at the Fair:
The Digestive System
Featuring Gut Feelings and Reactions

By Jerome Tiller - Illustrated by Paul Tiller

review"I like this book. What is really entertaining is how the artwork is used to enhance many difficult scientific processes. This, along with the humor of the piece, will engage students and enhance their understanding of the information."
Pascale Pinner, Presidential Award Winner for Math and Science Teaching,
Hilo Intermediate School, Hilo, HI

"Sammy's Day at the Fair is not only informative but fun to read as well. The information is accurate and presented in such a way as to be relevant to all readers. In addition, the phonetic glossary is extremely well done. Bravo!"
Natalie Rasmussen, Milken National Educator Award Winner,
North High School, Minneapolis, MN

"The book has tremendous appeal to children, who find nothing more interesting than bodily functions, junk food, and carnivals. I read "Sammy" to my 8-year-old boy and 10 year old girl. When we got to the parts about burping, vomiting, and flatulence, they giggled until they couldn't breathe.

"Sammy's Day at the Fair will capture the imagination of children and then ground them in solid biology and physiology. And since an understanding of his digestive system transforms Sammy from a corn dog craver into a healthy eater, it will also appeal to the reader's sense of good health. Thus, it is not only a tremendously informative book; it is a book that will make you want to take action.

"I have never seen a children's book that more clearly illustrates the complex process of digestion, and certainly not in combination with such an appealing, high-interest story. The illustrations are delightful and anatomically accurate. Everyone can learn from this book"
Jon Roland, Presidential Award Winner for Math and Science Teaching,
Perry Hall High School, Baltimore, MD

"The story line is most creative and reinforces the science concepts and processes of digestion. I wish I had had the book when I taught exactly the same content earlier this year. It is enjoyable and easy to follow as well as to teach."
David O'Shields, Milken National Educator Award Winner,
Bell Street Middle School, Clinton, SC

"I applaud the author's novel approach to presenting scientific information. I think students aged ten through twelve would like this method of learning about the digestive system. Instead of a fact filled textbook, they would learn the same information through a story that many can identify with."
Mike Barondeau,, Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching,
Edmunds Central School, Roscoe, SD

"Sammy’s Day at the Fair is very well written. It is interesting and fun to read, yet factual enough to use as a classroom resource."
Ernie Schiller, Iowa Teacher of the Year,
Central Lee High School, Donnellson, IA

"Anyone who has ever had a stomachache after eating too much junk food will enjoy reading this ingeniously told story about a young boy's eating adventures at a fair and the process by which the food is digested. Sammy's Day at the Fair makes the complicated process of digesting food simple to understand even for a young reader. The reader will gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of the digestive process while enjoying the escapades of Sammy as he eats every possible type of junk food at the fair. The short chapters, bolded scientific terms, and superb illustrations make this book easy to understand.

"Both children and adults will enjoy reading this story without realizing how much they are learning. I read the story many times, and each time I found myself smiling and enjoying it more. With every reading, I learned something new and chuckled at some minute detail that I had missed previously."
Beverly Plein, Milken National Educator Award Winner,
Cresskill Junior/Senior High School, Cresskill, NJ

"What a great book! A great job of blending humor with a very clear and understandable description of the digestive system. My ten-year-old son and daughter loved it! "
Joan Baltezore, Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching,
West Fargo High School, West Fargo, ND